माधव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं विज्ञान संस्थान, ग्वालियर (म.प्र.), भारत
Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior (M.P.), INDIA

Deemed to be University

(Declared under Distinct Category by Ministry of Education, Government of India)


माधव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं विज्ञान संस्थान, ग्वालियर (म.प्र.), भारत

Deemed to be University

(Declared under Distinct Category by Ministry of Education, Government of India)


Gola Ka Mandir, Gwalior (M.P.) - 474005, INDIA
Ph.: +91-751-2409300, E-mail: director@mitsgwalior.in, Website: www.mitsgwalior.in

Research Internship Program

Research Internship Program, MITS Gwalior


Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (MITS), Gwalior is inviting students from the pre-final year of B.Tech to pursue internship under the guidance of a Faculty of MITS Gwalior. The undergraduate students will get an opportunity to work with Professors of MITS Gwalior on similar Research Interests and ongoing Projects in the Department. Program is beneficial for Pre-final year B.Tech students. 


About Research Internship Program 

Faculty Mentors

A list of faculty mentors is published with their research interests from the various departments at MITS Gwalior, is displayed belowalong with the list of faculty mentors/area of research interests. Interested students may select a faculty mentor depending on the match of their interests and of the faculty mentor.                                                                                                                                                   

The scope of Internship/Training and number of contact hours can be decided with the mutual consent of the faculty mentor and the undergraduate student depending upon the nature of work.                               


45 Days (Can be extended depending on the nature of work)

Selection Procedure 

MITS faculty members will do final selection on the basis of profile of students and interest level. Students will fill the application form online with all their details which will be shared with faculty members to share the best match for their research interests. 


Application form link to Apply: https://forms.gle/HTe4dnfdjuUKAKzc6

Last Date to Apply 

15th May, 2023

Final Selection update

16th May, 2023

Internship Start Date

18th May, 2023


An e-Certificate will be issued on the successful completion of the internship and submission of the report through faculty mentor of MITS Gwalior.

List of Faculty Members and their Areas of Expertise


1 Dr. M. K. Gaur  Mechanical Engineering Solar Distillation
Solar Hybrid Greenhouse Dryer
Evacuated tube collector and
solar cooking
Experimental Research Work Research Publication Solar Research Lab
2 Dr. C. S. Malvi  Mechanical Engineering Technical Materials
Solar Energy
Experimental Research Work Research Publication/facility Development NTTM Project
3 Dr. D. K. Rathore  Mechanical Engineering Fibre reinforced composites Experimental Research Work Research Publication SERB TARE Grant
4 Dr. S. K. Chourasiya  Mechanical Engineering fabrication of hand former by using Al alloys Experimental Research Work Research Publication Central Workshop
5 Prof. Vaibhav Shivhare  Mechanical Engineering Dynamic analysis of rooling element bearing using ANSYS Simulation Research Publication CAD Lab Mechanical
6 Prof. Vaibhav Shivhare Mechanical Engineering Condition Monitoring Experimental work Research Publication SKF Lab
7 Dr. Nidhi Saxena Information Technology Image and Signal Processing Simulation  Design a agriculture surveillance system with deep learning  
8 Dr. Nidhi Saxena Information Technology Image and Signal Processing Simulation  Design a audio reorganization system with deep learning  
9 Dr. Nidhi Saxena Information Technology Image and Signal Processing Simulation  Design a human action identification system with neural network  
10 Dr. Tej Singh Information Technology ComputerVision Software & hardware Insight regarding Human computer interaction mechanism Robotics lab
11 Dr. Dhananjay Bisen Information Technology Data Analytics Practical case study Build a model for Finding out important insights/ predictions from data, Exploratory Data analysis, IoT Data analysis Data science Lab
12 Rajeev Kumar Singh Information Technology Digitization of Medicinal Plant Software & Hardware A dataset will be developed for further research purposes. None
13 Dr. Sunil Kumar Shukla Information Technology Detection of false data cyber-attacks inSmartGrid Software & simulation By the end of the research internship students will be able to understand the implementation of Artificial Intelligence based false data detection None
14 Dr. Bhagat Singh Raghuwanshi Information Technology Machine Learning Practical case study Handling imbalanced classification problems None
15 Dr. Pawan Dubey Information Technology Image processing / machine learning Software Student will be able know how human authentication system are worked None
16 Dr. Vikram Rajpoot Information Technology Image Processing and Machine Learning Simulation Development of Machine learning based approach for plant disease detection None
17 Mir Shahnawaz Ahmad Information Technology IoT Network Security Simulation Development of a Machine learning based security framework for IoT networks. None
18 Dr. Ashish Soni Information Technology Deep learning, Machine Learning, Object detection and Image processing Simulation, Software Student will learn about implementation of Deep learning in Images None
19 Dr. Abhishek Dixit Information Technology Data Mining Simulation Analysis of Transactional Data through Data Mining Techniques. None
20 Dr. Anshika Srivastava Information Technology Optoelectronic Devices Software Low cost, low power, high Efficiency device None
21 Dr.Saumil Maheshwari Information Technology Deep Learning algorithms for Healthcare applications Software Development of Algorithm for healthcare applications None
22 Dr. Priyanka Garg Information Technology Classroom automation system using ultrasonic sensors and PIR Sensors. Simulation/hardware Hardware implementation of project in a classroom None
23 Mrs. Shubha Mishra Information Technology SocialMedia FakeNewsDetection Software 1)social influences within teams, and identify cultural issues identify which relationships are built on trust, and which need more focused attention to improve trust between teams 2) A powerful coordinating tool for planning, scheduling and controlling of real time projects 3)Pattern Knowledge discovery, Information None
24 Dr. Kritika Bansal Information Technology Machine learning for control of nonlinear systems Simulation System stability and improved performance NA
25 Dr. Manjaree Pandit  Electrical Engineering Hybrid Renewable Energy System      
26 Dr. Saurabh Kumar Rajput  Electrical Engineering IoT Application to improve energy efficiency. Hardware + Software (i)To apply the IoT in the field of electrical distribution system and develop an IoT enabled load management system for improving the energy efficiency. 
 (ii) To develop the skill based experiment for the lab. 
 (iii)Publication of research outcomes in reputed conference/ journal.
Renewable Energy Lab developed under DST-FIST Project.
27 Prof. Praveen Bansal  Electrical Engineering Modeling and analysis of Solar PV Integrated Single Phase Grid Connected System Hardware + Software (i)To learn various grid connected techniques and also do the modeling of SOLAR PV array
 (ii) To model the different inverter configurations using MATLAB/Simulink 
 (iii) To have hands-on experimentation on STM32F Microcontrollers 
 (ii)Publication of research outcomes in reputed conference/ journal.
Innovative Research Scheme (IRS-2022)
28 Prof. Kuldeep Kumar Swarnkar  Electrical Engineering Online Condition Monitoring & diagnosis of fault in 3-Φ Induction motor Hardware + Software (i) To   design an Intelligent Condition Monitoring System for Fault Identification
(ii) To develop the prerequisite for PG/Ph.D. research activities in the area of Condition Monitoring.                                                                    (iii) Publication of research outcomes in a reputed conference/ journal.
29 Dr. Nikhil Paliwal  Electrical Engineering Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software i) Publication of research outcomes in reputed conference/ journal.
ii) To apply the AI techniques for Real-World Problem, Smart Energy System, etc.
EED Computer/Research Lab
30 Dr. Yashwant Sawle  Electrical Engineering Renewable Energy Software 1. Article writing. 
2. Design of power generation unit grid or off-grid                                                        
Renewable Energy  & Research Lab
31 Dr. Gaurav Khare  Electrical Engineering Cyber Security for Industrial Control System (ICS) Software/Simulation/Case-Studies 1) A better understanding of OT systems and their vulnerabilities,
2) Familiarity with common OT security tools and techniques,
3) Practical experience with real-world OT security challenges,
4) Improved analytical and problem-solving skills,
5) Exposure to industry-standard security frameworks
EED Computer/Research Lab
32 Dr. Bhavna Rathore  Electrical Engineering Design and development of  IoT application
using Arduino
Hardware + Software
• Students will get to know about Arduino and different sensors.
• Students will be able to design prototype models for different IoT applications such as smart lightning, RFID technology, smart health care, smart education, smart transport, smart irrigation etc.
• Students can publish papers in reputed journals or conferences.
• After doing this internship students will get an exposure in the field of IoT.
• This internship helps them to enhance their technical as well as logical knowledge, which will further help them for placement, research, HACKATHON etc.
Sensor Technology Lab
Microgrid operation and control Software/Simulation/Case-Studies  • This internship will help students to design and control the AC, DC and Hybrid microgrid for grid-connected or islanded mode of operation
• This internship module helps the students to develop their mathematical and analytical skills.
• After doing research in this direction students can publish papers in reputed journals or conferences.
• Students can perform simulation using MATLAB/PSCAD software.
• Students can develop a low power prototype for the hardware testing.
Computer Lab
33 Dr. Kaushal Pratap Sengar Electrical Engineering 1. Optimum design of earthing system electrodes. Software/Simulation/Case-Studies • To design earthing system for AC Micro grid                                   •  Real time monitoring of earthing system parameters such as GPR, Touch voltage, Step voltage.                                                                              • Real time monitoring of soil parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature.                                              • To analyse the transient behaviour of microgrid earthing system.                                                               • Publication of research outcomes in reputed conference/ journal.  
 2. Real Time Monitoring of earthing system electrodes.
34 Dr. A. K. Wadhwani  Electrical Engineering Medical ImageCclassification using ML Hardware + Software The student will be able to
 (i) Identify which parts of the human body are infected by the disease and not only to reach high accuracy.
 (ii) Develop an understanding of complex biological processes through the analysis of image data
BioMedical Lab
35 Dr. Ankit Tiwari  Electrical Engineering Anabrid Computing (Analog Computing for AI) or Hybrid Computing Case Study/Hardware/Testing/Simulation  students will have achieved the following outcomes:
Understand the current state of analog computing, including its historical development, current applications, and future potential.
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of analog computing compared to digital computing, and determine the optimal applications for analog systems.
Design and develop hybrid analog-digital computing systems for specific applications, leveraging the advantages of both technologies.
Evaluate the performance of analog computing systems, and optimize their design for specific requirements.
Understand the impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, on the future of analog computing.
36 Dr. Vikram  Electrical Engineering Application of Control Design and Identification Techniques Hardware/Software/Testing/Simulation   (i) Develop linear and nonlinear Control Design Algorithms, and Identification algorithms for the application in different fields.
  (ii) Simulation and Implementation of Control Design and Identification techniques.
  (i)Publication of research outcomes in reputed conference/ journal.
Control System Lab
37 Dr. D. K. Mishra  Mathematics & Computing Engineering Meta -Heuristic Algorithm for Searching Global Optimum Solution      
38 Dr. Atul Kumar Ray  Mathematics & Computing Engineering Detection and Analysis of Infectious Diseases using Artificial Intelligence       
39 Dr. Vikas Shinde  Mathematics & Computing Engineering Analyze Software Reliability Growth Models for Optimum Solution        
40 Dr. Deepak Batham  Electronics Engineering Elastic Optical Network (EON) Simulation using MATLAB Students will be able to design RSA algorithm for EON IRS-2021
41 Dr. Rahul Dubey  Electronics Engineering Applications of Machine Learning in Biomedical Signal Processing MATLAB, PYTHON New approaches for biomedical signal processing using AI/ML IRS 2021
42 Dr. Sushmita Chaudhari  Electronics Engineering Simulation of Solar Cell SCAPS-1D Students will be able to design possible fabrication material IRS 2021
43 Dr. Vandana Vikas Thakare  & Ms. Pooja Sahoo  Electronics Engineering Antenna Designing and Testing CST Software , Antenna Fabrication and Testing Students will be able to design and test antenna Communication Lab
44 Dr. Varun Sharma  Electronics Engineering Novel Nanoelectronics Devices ATK VNL, PYTHON, MATLAB Students will be able to design the nano electronics devices for future applications. And they will also be able to present their results in form of publications & patents IRS 2021
45 Dr. Vikas Mahor  Electronics Engineering Low Power Digital Circuit Design Simulation using VLSI EDA tools Students will be able to analyze some low power digital electronics circuits VLSI Lab
46 Dr. Shubhi Kansal  Electronics Engineering Image Processing applications MATLAB, PYTHON Students can design different image enhancement, classification and recognition problems Computer Lab
47 Dr. Laxmi Shrivastava  Electronics Engineering Design and Simulation of Wireless Sensor Networks Simulation using QualNet and MATLAB Students will be able to design and simulate different Wireless Sensor Network Computer lab
48 Prof. D. K. Parsediya Electronics Engineering Design and Simulation of MPA  Simulation using CST Students will be able to design and simulate different Microstrip patch antenna Computer lab

Dr. Manish Dixit & Prof. Ashi Singh Bhadouria

Computer Science and Engineering Digital Image Processing & Machine Learning R & D and  Practical case studies Student will learn the applications of Image Processing and Machine Learning  in various domains , develop small projects and write Research Papers Programming Lab
50 Mr. Arun Kumar Computer Science and Engineering Game Theory and Machine Learning R & D and  Practical case studies Student will learn the concepts and applications  of Machine Learning, Game Theory in context to Reinforcement Learning   Programming Lab
51 Dr. Abhilash Shukla Civil Engineering Structural Engineering and Construction materials Experimental Research Work Research Publication Innovative Research Scheme (IRS-2022)
52 Dr. Hemant Shrivastava Civil Engineering Earthquake Engineering Simulation Studies Research Publication NA

Application form link to Apply:     https://forms.gle/HTe4dnfdjuUKAKzc6


Please NoteThis Internship is separate from Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) -2023. Students can choose anyone.



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