NBA Accreditation Status





Name/ List of Programmes/ Courses Accredited

Institute has NBA accreditation for following three programmes from the year 2021-22 to 2023-24:

·  Civil Engineering

·  Electrical Engineering

·  Mechanical Engineering


Applied for Accreditation






A. Applied but Visit not happened


B. Visit happened but result awaited




































List of programmes/ courses Not Applied

  • NBA  Accreditation  expired  for  following  programmes in  the month of   June 2019:

·         ME Industrial Systems & Drives

  • NBA  Accreditation  expired  for  following  programmes in  the month of September 2015:

·         BE Electronics Engineering

·         BE Computer Science & Engineering

  • NBA  Accreditation  expired  for  following  programmes in  the month of   June 2006:

·         Information Technology

·         Chemical Engineering

·         Construction Technology & Management

  • Not Applied for Following programmes started w.e.f. 2015- 16:

·         Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

·         Automobile Engineering

  • Not Eligible for NBA Accreditation as two batches have not passed out in the following programmes:

·         Information   Technology   (Artificial             

           Intelligence   and Robotics)

·         Internet of Things (IoT)

·         Mathematics and Computing

·         Internet of Things

·         Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Science

·         Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

·         Computer Science and Design

  • Not Applied for Following post graduate programmes:

·         Communication Control & Networking

·         Production Engineering

·         Computer Science & Engineering

·         Information Technology

·         Environment Engineering

NAAC Accreditation Status





Accredited with a Grade A++ (CGPA: 3.53) valid for a period of five years from 2023. 



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