Start-up/Innovation/Incubation Cell

Mission: To create a self sustainable platform for all the stakeholders in and around MITS willing to unleash their potential as idea progenitor and executor.
Vision: Vision: Our vision is to create a hub of opportunities and resources for the young ideators in central India.


  • Foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among the students and faculty
  • Nurturing start-ups at an early-stage and helping them overcome obstacles
  • To promote the culture of Product Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Start-up.
  • Offer value-added and incremental services viz. financial, technical, legal, IPR and mentoring to students, faculty, and staff.
  • To offer variety of resources and networking opportunity to support MITS Gwalior Young entrepreneur on the path of commercialization.
  • To move ideas from the institute laboratory to the market


Startup Cell Student Society

Start-up Cell Student Society has worked quite remarkably and proficiently in inspiring, developing, and supporting entrepreneurial ideas and entrepreneurs inside and around MITS. As a result, we have seen potential changes in creating good ecosystem coming out of MITS Gwalior.

Your journey to explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur starts here. An investment in the right direction now might land you places in the future. Now is the time to let out the entrepreneur inside you and manifest your creativity, innovativeness, and uniqueness. We invite all the enthusiastic students to work with us and experience what it takes to run a Start-up-Cell.  Apart from valuable Certificates and Letters of Recommendation, you gain extensive knowledge on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, content writing, web, app development, event management, etc. by working on various events, projects, and tasks of Start-up Cell.



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